How to Obtain a Guyanese Passport

Guyanese passports are available to citizens of the Republic of Guyana and valid for 15 years from date of issue. Guyanese citizenship is achieved through birth, descent, naturalisation or registration. Anyone born in Guyana is eligible for citizenship, as are people with at least one Guyanese parent. To qualify for naturalisation the applicant must be legally resident in Guyana for five years and of good character. Spouses of Guyanese citizens generally qualify for citizenship immediately. Passport applications must be submitted and approved by the Guyanese government in the capital, Georgetown, or a Guyanese embassy or consulate.

Identify which of the four ways of obtaining Guyanese citizenship best applies to you and your specific circumstances.

Download, print and complete the passport application form shown on the website of the Guyanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The form is also available from any Guyanese embassy or consulate in the U.S. for an 60p fee.

Pay for three full-face black and white, or colour, passport-size photos. Only pictures taken against a clear background are valid. Machine prints are not accepted.

Obtain a money order or bank draft payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Guyana. As of January 2011, a standard three-page passport cost £39 and a six-page "business" passport is £78. All applicants in the U.S. will need to add a further £3 to the money order or bank draft to cover postage costs. Postage costs in other countries vary. In addition to the above charges, applicants who need a new passport immediately can pay an additional £22 for an express processing service.

Gather all the documents required to support your application, including your old Guyanese passport, if you have it, and send it by registered mail to the Guyanese embassy closest to you.

Examine your new passport carefully to ensure all your personal details are correct.


Applicants aged under 18 years must include written consent from the father or legal guardian. Married female applicants who apply for a passport with the surname of their husband must also submit their marriage certificate and their husband's birth certificate or passport. If you have lost your passport then you must submit with your application a sworn notarised statement explaining how the passport was lost. A replacement passport of 32 pages cost £65 as of January 2011; a 64-page passport is £130. No express service is available for this type of application.


For reasons of national security or public policy, the Minister of Home Affairs may refuse to register or naturalise someone as Guyanese citizen. Persons are urged to be wary of Internet schemers or any other fraudulent persons, who offer any other means of obtaining Guyanese citizenship and a Guyanese passport. It is advised that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Support Services Section, be contacted for assistance with respect to any inquires on citizenship maters.

Things You'll Need

  • Passport application form
  • Three full face black and white, or colour, passport size photos
  • Passport fee
  • Postage fee
  • Old passport
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