How to Package Bath Salts

Updated July 20, 2017

Bath salts can add fragrance and softness to any bathing experience, that's why they are a favourite gift item. Packaging them, whether as a gift or as a business product, adds appeal and value. For large quantities of bath salts, jars make a practical packaging container. They are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a large amount of bath salts. For smaller amounts like single servings or samples, a small, sealed plastic bag is ideal. Add artistic decorations to make your packaged product stand out from the competition.

Purchase empty jars. For very large quantities, mason jars are readily available in many grocery stores. Craft stores often stock a wide variety of smaller and larger jars in numerous shapes. If you are packaging a large quantity of bath salts, purchasing your jars wholesale may make economic sense.

Clean and disinfect your jars by hand washing them with hot water and dish soap. Rinse your jars completely, so there is no soap residue left behind. Wash jar lids and dry quickly, as metal lids rust. Allow jars and lids to dry completely.

Measure and fill your jar with bath salts. Most bath salts are sold by volume. If you prefer to package by weight, measure the salts out on a scale. For volume measurement, use dry measuring cups.

Screw the lid on to your jars. Do not seal your jars if they have an additional airtight seal. This is not necessary since bath salts will not go bad over time, and it will make it more difficult for you customers to open.

Design a tag with your logo, company name and the name of your product. There are a number of picture editing software available to help design a tag. If you are artistic and have the time, you can hand draw your own tags or create them using decorative stamps.

Print your tag and cut it out. Most people do not have speciality printers for tag and labels so you'll need to cut out the tag from a larger sheet of paper. For a sturdy, professional-looking tag, use heavyweight card stock, which is available at most office supply stores.

Punch a hole in your tag and attach it to your jar. If you'll use regular string or elastic sting, you'll only need a small hole in your tag. If you're going for a country style, use brown twine or gingham ribbon. If you want a more sophisticated look, tie a satin ribbon around the neck of your jar.

Buy small plastic bags. Plastic bags are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from wholesale distributors.

Fill each plastic bag with bath salts. Using either volume or weight, measure out you bath salts and fill the bag.

Seal the bag with a heat sealer. A heat sealer melts part of the plastic causing it to bond to itself. Do not overfill your bag. There should be at least an inch of space between your salts and the seal.

Add ribbon with your tag and tie around the seal. This hides the unsightly seal while giving your product a distinct marketing identity.

Things You'll Need

  • Jar
  • Measuring cup
  • Tag
  • Ribbon
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Heat sealer
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