How to set up a karaoke lyrics monitor

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you choose to use a computer monitor, a TV screen or a specialised karaoke lyrics screen, lyrics monitors play a vital role in any karaoke system. You can't expect karaoke users to memorise every word of their songs; they rely on the lyrics flashed up on the monitor to keep the tunes flowing. To keep your party fun -- and your karaoke singers on key -- take the time to set up your karaoke monitor properly.

Stack your karaoke player on top of your amp once you have set up the two properly. Push the two components to the far corner of your karaoke table to create table space. You'll need as much table space as possible for song request collections and other customer transactions.

Place your TV, computer monitor or lyrics monitor on top of your karaoke machine. Angle it toward the stage where your customers will perform.

Plug the monitor into the nearest outlet. Connect your karaoke machine to your monitor. If using a TV or a specialised lyrics monitor, connect them to your karaoke machine with an audiovisual (AV) cable. Plug the end of the cable with the three red, yellow and white inputs into your TV or monitor. Make sure each input is plugged into the corresponding receiver on the TV or monitor. Both the receivers and the inputs are colour coded, so you must simply match each coloured input to the outlet that bears its colour. Plug the opposite end into the karaoke machine's AV receiver.

If using a computer screen, use a video graphics array (VGA) cable. Both ends of a VGA cable are identical, so simply connect one to the audio visual receiver of your karaoke machine and the other to the VGA receiver in the back of your monitor.

Turn on your monitor and your karaoke machine to ensure your set-up is working properly. If you hooked up your machine to a TV and it doesn't seem to be working properly, check to ensure your TV is displaying the correct input. ("Input" refers to the options to view either "Cable," "Video 1" or "Video 2.") More modern TVs refer to "Video 1" and "Video 2" as "HDMI 1" and "HDMI 2," respectively. The karaoke will likely display on the "Video" or "HDMI" inputs; scan through your inputs using the "Input" button on your remote control to find the input on which your karaoke visuals will display.

Things You'll Need

  • AV or VGA cable
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