How to Make a Clone Trooper Helmet

Updated July 18, 2017

Whether the occasion is Halloween or a Star-Wars-themed bash, no costume would be complete without headgear. And if you are going as a clone trooper, you know how important it is to wear your helmet. There is no need to fret if you are getting dressed up at the last minute or are short on funds to buy a costume; a clone trooper helmet can be made at home.

Place the empty milk jug upright on your workspace. Take off the top and discard it. Remove the milk label. Place your scissors vertically, with one of the blades pointing down inside the spout. Cut down 6 inches.

Cut horizontally around the circumference of the jug 6 inches below the spout. Continue cutting until the top of the milk jug and the spout have been removed. Set that part aside.

Flip the milk jug upside down. This will form the base of your helmet. Place the jug over your head and roughly mark where your eyes and nose are with a permanent marker.

Place the helmet back on your workspace. Draw a horizontal rectangle around the eye area. Draw a narrow triangle which begins at the bottom of the helmet and ends in a point at the midpoint of the rectangle. Make sure the triangle goes around the nose area that you marked. Cut out the rectangle and triangle.

Cut out an 8-inch-by-8-inch piece of black mesh fabric. Glue the mesh on the inside of the helmet with a hot glue gun, covering the nose and mouth holes. Trim excess mesh as needed.

Cut a 1-inch-by-7-inch piece of white cardboard. Create a triangle at one end by cutting from one corner inward at a 45-degree angle. Glue the cardboard to the top of the helmet with the glue gun to create the signature raised crest of a clone trooper helmet.

Use a black permanent marker to add details. Try on the helmet and make adjustments as necessary.


If you'd rather use an empty orange juice jug, just paint it white before you begin.


If the helmet is impeding your vision or breathing, take it off and adjust the eye and nose holes accordingly. Always use caution when wearing costuming over your head as you may have limited peripheral vision.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty white plastic gallon milk jug
  • Scissors
  • Black mesh fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • White cardboard
  • Black permanent marker
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