How to Get Max Points at Boxer Punch Machine

Written by amanda goldfarb | 13/05/2017
How to Get Max Points at Boxer Punch Machine
Face off against a friend using the Boxer Punch machine. (Shadow boxing image by Andrei vishnyakov from

The Boxer Punch machine is a coin-operated amusement game that challenges users to test their strength. The machines are often found at fairs, circuses and theme parks. Each machine has a punchbag that hangs from the top of the machine. The machine keeps score to encourage competition between contestants. The score is displayed in large, bright lights on the front of the console. The Boxer Punch machine also has more than 200 sound effects to set the mood for a fierce battle. Speed and strength are needed to get a maximum score in this game.

Insert money or credit coins into the Boxer Punch machine. The machine must be on to register your score. Select the mode of play you wish to use. Some models have different programs for male and female contestants.

Step onto the silver, diamond-plated foot platform. Stand sideways to the bag with your dominant hand and foot toward the back. Your dominant hand is the hand that you use most frequently for daily tasks.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. The proper stance will enable you to get the most power from your punch.

Aim for the centre of that bag and punch as hard and fast as you can. Be sure to rotate your hips as you punch; use all of your body strength to complete the punching motion. The bag will fly up into the machine. A score is calculated based on how hard and how fast the bag hits the sensor on the machine.

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