How to Upgrade My Humax

Updated April 17, 2017

Humax digital set-top boxes (STB) are reliable high-performance television receivers that include good manufacturer support at a reasonable price. The Humax company regularly posts updates to its digital set-top boxes when issues are found by the company or reported by customers. Upgrade a Humax digital STB using a PC when an update is posted that may enhance a feature or resolve an issue.

Turn off the power on the Humax receiver using the power switch located on the back. Plug a straight through 9-pin serial cable into the serial cable port located on the Humax receiver. Plug the other end of the cable into the 9-pin serial port on the computer with the Humax software loader installed.

Open the Humax software loader software. Click on the "Action" menu, then click "Settings" in the menu that appears. Click the listed "COM" port that is connected from the computer to the Humax receiver. Click the "OK" button. Click the "Action" menu and "Connect." Browse to the software update file and click "Open."

Power on the Humax receiver using the power switch on the back. A countdown will display and repeat on the Humax software loader display. When "Done" is displayed, proceed to the next step.

Press the "On" button at the front of the Humax receiver and disconnect the serial cable connecting the Humax receiver to the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Humax software update
  • Humax WinDN5.exe software loader installed on a computer that has a 9-pin serial port
  • Straight through DB9 female to DB9 female serial cable
  • DB9 null modem adaptor
  • Humax F1, F1-CI, F1-VA or F1-VACI receiver
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