How Do You Build a Pyramid Out of Small Legos?

Updated November 21, 2016

Ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians and Aztecs, built pyramids to help the souls of deceased rulers find their way to the sky, or as temples for their gods. These architectural wonders took dozens of years to make from big blocks of stone, but a Lego version of the same takes just a few minutes. Plus, your child might learn a few things along the way if you help him build.

Press six-peg blocks into your flat base all around the outermost edge. Add a second layer of blocks, pressing the outer row of pegs on each block in the second layer into the inner row of pegs on the first layer. Stagger the blocks so the second layer spans the cracks between the first layer.

Add one or two more layers of blocks. At this point, place a Pharaoh figure and a small handful of Lego gold coins to the inside of the pyramid. Egyptians were always buried with treasure.

Continue building layers of blocks until your pyramid comes up to a flat point. Cap it with your four-peg block.


If you have a full Egyptian Lego set, add a few more treasures to the inside of the pyramid. You can also switch out the yellow blocks for white and cap the pyramid with a gold block. This depicts a "new" pyramid rather than one thousands of years old. Switch yellow for grey and build a small, open gazebo on the top of the pyramid to create an Aztec version of your Lego pyramid. You may also add a few Egyptian Lego figures. Take off the headdresses to make them look more South American.

Things You'll Need

  • 6-inch square flat Lego base
  • Yellow 6-peg Lego blocks
  • Pharaoh Lego figure
  • Lego gold coins
  • 4-peg Lego block
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