How to Get Theobroma Cacao Plant Seeds

Theobroma Cacao is the variety of Theobroma tree that produces cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The tree typically grows in areas that are within 10 degrees north and 10 degrees south of the equator. Ghana, Indonesia, many places in the Caribbean and in South America all grow Theobroma Cacao for the cocoa trade. Originally grown in South America, the plant was widely distributed throughout the equatorial regions once chocolate became popular.

Break open a ripe Cacao pod. Inside will be a fleshy interior and what looks like a "stack" of whitish or purplish things. These are Cacao seeds.

Wash the whitish pulp off of the seeds.

Plant the seeds as soon after harvesting as possible. Theobroma Cacao seeds are viable only for a short time and should never be allowed to dry out.

Plant the seeds in the shade. Theobroma Cacao can be grown in a variety of soils but does require good drainage. It prefers soil made up of coarse particles to allow for a good root system to grow.

Order Theobroma Cacao Seeds online or by catalogue.

Plant the seeds immediately upon receiving them. Do not allow the seeds to dry out, as this will destroy the chances of germination.

Keep the newly planted seeds in an area above 10 degrees Celsius and in a fairly humid climate.


If you purchase Cacao seeds, use expedited shipping and request that the seeds be put into some sort of medium that will keep them moist. The seeds are less likely to germinate if they are allowed to partially dry out.

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