How to Start an RX75 John Deere Lawn Mower

Written by andrew todd | 13/05/2017

The John Deere RX75 is a riding lawnmower with a rear-mounted Kawasaki engine. The RX75 lawnmower has several safety features that will prevent the mower from starting, including a seat sensor and a blade-engage lever. The seat sensor prevents the RX75 from starting if no one is sitting in the drivers seat. The blade lift lever must be set to the "Disengage" position for the mower to turn on, which ensures that the blades are not enabled automatically. After the mower is turned on, you can lower the blades and begin cutting your lawn; however, you must remain seated in the seat, otherwise the mower will automatically turn off.

Sit in the driver's seat and place the key in the ignition, located on the right fender beside the driver's seat.

Depress the parking brake pedal, located on the left side of the floorboard.

Place the gear shifter, located on the right fender, into the "Neutral" position.

Move the "Blade Engagement" lever to the "Disengaged" position. The lever is located on the right fender, beside the driver's seat.

Push the throttle, located on the right fender, forward, into the "Choke" position.

Turn the ignition key to the right until the engine turns over, then release the key.

Pull the throttle out of the "Choke" position and place it in the "Full Throttle" position.

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