How to Use My Nintendo DS Screen on a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

Created by Nintendo, the DS is a handheld device that serves as a platform for playing video games on the go. It features a touch-screen and buttons used for control during game play and supports a wide range of gaming genres, from sports to action, role-playing games to puzzles. However, the screen on the DS is quite small. Fortunately, you can use your computer as a platform for playing your DS games using the Nintendo DS website and free software found online.

Run an online search for a ds2key download, such as DS2Key 0.5, DS-Xtra or Filetrip. Download the software to your computer.

Open the software on your computer. In the first line of text, locate the first four numbers following the colon, such as "2032." Jot them down. Leaving the program running, open the ds2key folder and locate the "DS2Key.nds" file. Select and copy it.

Locate and write down your computer's IP address. It will be a series of digits and periods, something like this: 25.999.362.03.

Remove the memory card from the plastic case in your R4DS Revolution hardware box. Plug this into the back of your card reader's USB port. Plug the card reader's USB cable into a USB port on your computer. Click "Install" after your computer has recognised your card reader. Wait for R4DS Revolution to install on your computer.

Open the "R4DS Revolution" folder, which should now show on your computer screen. Click on the folder called "Games." Right-click inside the folder, and click "Paste" to add the "DS2Key.nds" file to the folder. Unplug the card reader from your computer. Remove your memory card from the card reader, and plug it into your R4DS chip. Put your R4DS chip in your DS, and turn it on.

Click the "Games" folder on your DS, and open the "DS2key.nds" file. Click the blue cog that appears at the top left corner of the screen to edit the settings. Type in the IP address you wrote down. Type in the four numbers you wrote down where it says "Port Number." Put in a "0" where it says "Profile." Exit out of settings.

Open your Web browser, and log on to the Nintendo DS site. You can now play the games on your DS on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • R4DS Revolution hardware
  • DS2Key software
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