How to Get UlaunchELF Onto a PS2 Slim With the GameShark

Updated April 17, 2017

The GameShark PlayStation 2 cheat device allows users to add cheat codes to games, but the device's cheat disc can also be used to launch the open-source file-management software UlaunchELF. This software lets you navigate the file structure of your PlayStation 2 and memory cards as if it were a personal computer. Launching UlaunchELF with GameShark on a PlayStation 2 Slim is particularly easy as the console's flip-top disc bay can be easily modified for the disc-swap technique required to launch UlaunchELF.

Download the latest version of the UlaunchELF CD ISO from the site in Resources. Launch a CD-burning program capable of burning from an ISO image (examples include Nero Burning ROM and Roxio Creator) and choose "Burn From ISO" or "Burn From Disc Image."

Navigate to the UlaunchELF disc ISO in your software's "Select Image" window and double-click the image to select it. Insert a blank CD-R (a DVD-R will not work) into the CD-R drive of your computer. Click "Burn."

Open the lid of your PlayStation 2 Slim and locate the tray sensor ports on the top and bottom-right edges of the circular disc bay. Insert a rolled-up silicone earplug into each port to block the sensors.

Insert the GameShark disc into your PlayStation 2 without closing the disc tray. Turn the system on. Wait for the main menu screen to boot, then remove the disc (watch your fingers as the disc won't stop spinning for you to remove it).

Insert the UlaunchELF disc created in Step 2 into the disc bay of your PlayStation 2 Slim. Select "Run Game Without Cheats" from the GameShark menu to launch UlaunchELF from the disc.


For best results, set your disc burning software to the slowest possible burn speed: 1x or 2x.

Things You'll Need

  • CD-burning software with "Burn ISO" function
  • Computer with CD-writing drive
  • Blank CD-R
  • 2 silicone earplugs
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