How to Paint Pine for a Whitewashed Look

Updated November 21, 2016

Pine wood is a popular material that is often used to make wall panelling, cabinets, furniture, fences and other wooden items. If you do not like the natural wood look but don't want to apply thick paint that doesn't allow the wood to show through, go for a whitewashed look. Whitewashing wood requires a simple procedure and materials that you can find at a local hardware store.

Sand the object made of pine with a piece of fine-grain sandpaper. Sanding the wood will make it easier for the whitewashing to adhere to it.

Use a clean cloth to wipe down the piece of pine and make sure all of the sawdust is removed. Wet the cloth if necessary, but allow the wood to dry before moving on.

Pour two parts white latex paint into a paint tray, along with one part glaze and one part water. Mix the three liquids together using a stir stick.

Dip your paintbrush into the mixture and sweep it onto the piece of pine. With a clean cloth, immediately wipe the area you just painted so that only a faded whitewashed look remains.

Continue painting and wiping the paint off until the entire piece of pine is painted. Allow the pine item to dry.

Paint a coat of polyurethane onto the pine.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine sandpaper
  • Cloth
  • White latex paint
  • Glaze
  • Water
  • Paint tray
  • Stir stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Polyurethane
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