How to replace the ignition lock cylinder on a toyota celica

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
How to replace the ignition lock cylinder on a toyota celica
Toyota ignitions are used with your key to start your car. (Microchiped Car Key image by Christopher Meder from

The Toyota Celica is among the many vehicles from the manufacturer that features an easily replacable ignition cylinder. These lock switches, located just to the side of the steering column, are essential for starting your car with your ignition key. If they stop working or stop turning, you can remove and replace the cylinder in just a few minutes from your driver's seat.

Insert your car's ignition key into the ignition cylinder and leave it in the "Off" position.

Insert a straightened out paper clip into the smaller slot on the edge of the cylinder.

Turn the key to the "Acc" position to loosen it from the cylinder, and pull on both the key and the paper clip to slide the cylinder out.

Slide the new cylinder into the place of the old one, and insert your key into the new cylinder.

Insert the paper clip into the same small slot in the new cylinder, and then turn the key to the "Acc" position to lock the switch into place.

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