How to Translate English to Greek With Sound Pronunciation

Updated March 23, 2017

Learning to read Greek text can be a challenge for Latin alphabet users because the script is different. After you learn the Greek alphabet you may recognise words but still wonder about the correct pronunciation as you read. You can transliterate Greek words manually using a print dictionary, or, with the help of electronic translation tools. The process may be slow at first, but with practice you will learn to recognise and pronounce Greek words in ancient texts, such as the original New Testament, other seminal philosophical writings and in modern reading materials.

Print out the Greek alphabet and pronunciation guides linked to the "Little Greek 101" page on the ibiblio website. Look up English words that you want to translate in a print copy of an English to Greek Dictionary and write them down. Use the Greek alphabet guide to transliterate the words you look up from Greek script to Latin script, and for pronunciation tips.

Enter an English word that you want to translate in the "English - Greek Dictionary" box on the Kypros-Net website. The "English-Greek" translation box is on the right-hand side of your screen. Read the translation results on the lower left-hand side of your screen. The dictionary results are in Greek and Latin alphabets. You can only translate one word at a time using this tool.

Click "English to Greek" in the pull down menus on the Google Translate tool. Type a word that you want to translate into the text box. Click the "Translate" button to generate the Greek translation. Click on the "audio" icon to listen to the translation. Click on the "Read phonetically" icon to read the phonetic version of the translation while you listen to the audio.

Look up words you want to translate in a print English-Greek dictionary. Write down the Greek words that you translate on lined paper. Skip every other line as you write out your translation. Go to the "Pronunciation Guide" in the front or back of the dictionary. Write your translated words in Latin script using the pronunciation guide in the lines underneath your Greek script. Read the words out loud with the help of the pronunciation key.


The Google Translate tool can work for single words or larger amounts of text but for the most accurate translation, you should enter one word at a time.

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