How to make a simple macrame plant hanger

Updated February 21, 2017

Macramé is an ancient art of knotting thread, cord or rope into decorative accents such as jewellery, pot holders and wall hangings. A macramé plant hanger is both ornamental and functional. Create a simple macramé plant hanger using the same or different coloured threads and embellish it with beads of faux gems for added sparkle. Mount the hanger from a beam or hook in an indoor or outdoor spot.

Cut six identical lengths of white or coloured cord, each five times as long as the desired length of the macramé plant hanger. Measure the spot where you want to display the hanger to determine its length appropriately.

Fold each cord in half and arrange the ends together. You will have a total of 12 ends. Slide a 2-inch metal ring through the ends of the cords until it reaches the spot where they are folded in half. Form a grouped overhand knot to hold the ring in place.

Divide the cord ends into three sections, each comprised of four cords. Pin one section of four cords to a knotting board.

Knot the four pinned cords in a simple square knot to form the top of the hanger. Form another square knot below this one before you unpin these four cords. Pin each of the two remaining sections of cords to the knotting board in turn and make two square knots on each, at the same height as the previous square knots.

Divide each section of four cords into two pairs. Form new sets of four cords by joining two cords from one section to two cords on the immediate left or right. You now have three new sections comprised of four cords.

Form two square knots using each new grouping of cords to form a secure base on which the pot will rest. Keep adjacent knots at the same level so the flower pot does not tilt when placed in the middle.

Gather all the cord ends and secure them with a final knot 8 inches above. Position the knot directly below the centre of the base.


Trim the ends of the cords or embellish them as desired. Thread beads onto the cords and knot the ends to keep the beads from sliding out or braid pairs of cords together.

Things You'll Need

  • Macramé cord
  • Scissors
  • 2-inch ring
  • Pins
  • Knotting board
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