How to design with black sofas

Updated February 21, 2017

A sofa is an integral piece of furniture in your living room family room. It's where you sit to relax, unwind and have conversation. Since the sofa is such a central part of your living space and because it's a large piece of furniture, it should suit your taste and tie in with your home decor. If you are trying to create a contemporary living space, choose a black sofa. When designing a contemporary living space, choose decorative accents that work well with this design, as well as the black sofa.

Paint your walls. Choose a muted colour palette to serve as a backdrop for your black sofa. White serves as an ideal canvas for a black sofa. To bring in a pop of colour, select one bold colour and use it on an accent wall -- red, purple or electric blue, for instance. Another option is to paint a geometric design on a focal wall, such as a combination of lime green and black circles on a white wall.

Bring in furniture. After painting the room, fill it with furniture. Choose pieces that will coordinate with a black sofa. A glass-topped coffee table with silver legs, or a white lacquered coffee table would work well for a modern design. Instead of using an actual coffee table, place an oversized leather upholstered black ottoman in front of the sofa. Flank the sofa with mirrored end tables. Set a large oak or birch wood entertainment centre on the wall across from the sofa.

Add lighting. Place black or silver-based lamps with shades that coordinate with the accent colour you've chosen -- red, purple, lime green or electric blue, for instance. Hang white rice paper globes from the ceiling. To add an unexpected touch of glamour to the room, hang a crystal chandelier from the ceiling, or crystal wall sconces.

Dress the windows. Floor to ceiling satin drapes in your chosen accent colour will work for the look of this modern living space. White sheers will soften the room and give it a touch of whimsy. The clean lines of black Roman shades tie in well with the look of the sofa and the style of a contemporary room.

Add decorative accents. Place solid-coloured throw pillows that correspond with your chosen accent colour on the back of the sofa. Lay a circular plush white area rug on the floor. Hang floating black shelves on the walls and use them to display photos in silver frames and other personal items. Set an arrangement of exotic flowers -- orchids, for example -- in glass vases on an end table.

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