How to Set Up SMS Voting

Updated April 17, 2017

You may need to poll an audience of people, but you may not have a blog or website. Instead, you can set up short message service (SMS) voting. SMS voting allows you to poll your friends and family members on various topics. This is an ideal service whether you are using it for business, for pleasure or for educational purposes. Some SMS voting websites are free, while others may permit you to subscribe.

Open a Web browser. Use a website that allows you to set up SMS voting. Examples include Poll Everywhere, SMS Poll and (see Resources).

Click "Create" or "Sign Up." Create a username and password, if necessary. Enter your full name, mobile number and e-mail address.

Pay for any fees associated with the service. As of 2011, Poll Everywhere runs from free to £910 a month, SMS Voting is a free service and costs between £51 and £1,949 a month.

Click the "Sign Up" link. Create your poll question. Choose possible answers for that question. Include "Other" to allow your friends and family to enter their own answer.

Click the "Create" button. Enter the mobile numbers of the people to whom you want to send the poll. Click the "Submit" button.

Wait for notification that you sent your SMS voting poll. You will receive responses back to your mobile number or through the website.


You will incur SMS charges from responses from your contacts and the SMS voting website.

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