How to Make a Libra Male Fall in Love

Written by tara green
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How to Make a Libra Male Fall in Love
A Libra seeks peace, balance, beauty and harmony -- at all costs. (air sign - libra image by araraadt from

Libras tend to love culture, beauty and elegance. If you know someone whose home looks like a page from an interior design magazine, who has season tickets to the opera, dines at the best restaurants and is always perfectly dressed, chances are that person is a Libra. Relationships are important to Libras, so if you are dating one, chances are he will offer you compliments, listen attentively and treat you to romantic dates even after the first few weeks together. However, Libras can also be fickle and prefer to avoid life's harsher realities. Libras have an abundance of charm, but, like all signs, they also have some less appealing traits.

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    Always look your best. Libras want to have the most beautiful art in their homes, the most lovely flowers in their gardens, the most stylish vehicles in their garages and the most gorgeous lovers by their side. If you were not blessed with perfectly symmetrical features and a knockout body, make the best of what you have by going to an expert hair stylist and buying a few expensive, well-cut articles of clothing rather than a whole closet of cheap apparel.

  2. 2

    Offer intelligent compliments. Air-sign Libra has the intelligence to see through empty flattery. However, if you demonstrate that you have the knowledge to appreciate his fine taste in ties, paintings or whatever else, you both appeal to his vanity and mark yourself as discerning enough to meet him on his level.

  3. 3

    Maintain a level of calm balance for the sign whose symbol is the scales. Libra men love civilised, witty conversation that does not delve into too much controversy or messy emotions. He does not mind if you hold a different opinion from him, but will expect you to present your viewpoint dispassionately.

  4. 4

    Enjoy the company of a wide range of people. Libras cultivate and appreciate different types of people like different flavours of food. They relish diversity, befriending people from many different levels of society. Your Libra will want you to feel equally at ease being a gracious hostess whether he invites the state governor to dinner or his old friend from high school who delivers pizzas for a living.

  5. 5

    Exercise patience. Libras of both genders tend to have difficulty making decisions. They can also be very unreliable, changing plans at the last minute. Try to cultivate an attitude of detachment toward these traits rather than letting yourself become aggravated or have your feelings hurt.

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