How Can I Sell My Unwanted Books?

Written by paul lin | 13/05/2017
How Can I Sell My Unwanted Books?
Give your old books a new home by either selling them or giving them away. (Books image by JenJen from

It may be time to get rid of some unwanted books if they're collecting dust, falling off shelves, piling up on your desk and taking up space in your rooms. Whether you have purchased books for college, received them as gifts or want to make space for new books, there is money to be made from unwanted volumes as long as people are willing to buy them.

Sell your unwanted books online. People are always trying to find cheaper, used books using reputable retailers. Online marketplace facilitators like eBay and Amazon give book owners the ability to sell their old textbooks and novels directly to consumers with a share of listing and commission fees. Search the website for your book in their online database using the book's ISBN number or title.

Trade your unwanted books at a used book store for store credit or cash. Used bookstores rely on people with unwanted books to refresh their stock of used books. Bring in your unwanted books for a staff to appraise them. Wait for an offer from the bookstore staff and you can decide whether to accept or reject their offer.

Hold a garage sale. Along with other items, you can sell books you no longer read to people who will give them a second life. Determine how much you want to sell your books for before the day of the garage sale. You can advertise on free sites like Craigslist and set up signs in your area.

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