How to Fix Humming Sounds on a Record Player

Updated February 21, 2017

Record players can often have more additional white noise in the background when playing than other musical devices, such as CD or MP3 players. However, records should not produce a humming noise, which is due to a faulty speaker connection. Correcting this is important if you want to properly hear your record playback.

Check the RCA audio cable connection running from your record player to the speaker equipment. If the audio cables are not completely inserted into the connection ports, the audio signal is not going to reach the speakers properly, causing the humming sound.

Look over the actual RCA cable for any cuts. If you spot damage to the cable, cover it with electrical tape. The cut could allow audio signals to escape and create a humming noise.

Replace the cable if the abrasion is large (cut nearly half way through the cable). RCA audio cables can be purchased from most stores for just a few dollars.

Turn down the volume on the speakers. If the volume is too high for the speakers to handle, you might experience a humming sound during playback.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical tape
  • Replacement RCA audio cables
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