Wizard Die Cutting Machine Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

The Wizard Die Cutting Machine is manufactured by Spellbinders. The machine uses a ratchet mechanism to apply 1361 Kilogram of pressure to a sandwich system to create die cuts that can be used for scrapbooking and paper-crafting projects. In addition to creating die cuts, the machine can be used with specialised plates to create embossed effects on paper. Spellbinders has a vast assortment of dies that can be used in the Wizard Die Cut Machine, but dies from other manufacturers are also compatible.

Place the Wizard Die Cutting Machine on a stable work surface with the Spellbinders label facing toward you. The machine's arrow should be facing you. The handle of the machine is pulled toward you and is perpendicular with the table.

Place one of the Spellbinders white plates on your work surface to create the base of the die cut sandwich. Add a Spellbinders magnetic mat directly on top of the white plate. This will keep the die in place during the cutting process. Select a Spellbinders die and place it with the cutting side face up on top of the magnetic mat.

Choose a piece of cardstock or patterned paper and place it directly on top of the Spellbinders die. Place the second Spellbinders white mat on top of the selected piece of cardstock or patterned paper to complete the sandwich system.

Reach around and feed the stacked sandwich system into the Wizard Die Cutting Machine. Feed the sandwich into the side of the machine that has the Spellbinders logo on it.

Use your hand to roll the roller on top of the Wizard Die Cutting Machine away from you to lock the sandwich into the feed mechanism. This will engage the mats into the system and prepare them for cutting.

Push the handle of the Wizard Die Cutting Machine all the way forward so it is facing away from you and is again perpendicular to the table.

Pull the handle back until it is facing straight up toward the ceiling. Push the handle forward again so it is facing away from you and is perpendicular to the table. Repeat this motion until the sandwich system is fed all the way through the Wizard Die Cutting Machine.

Catch the sandwich as it comes out of the Wizard Die Cutting Machine.

Take the sandwich apart to reveal a customised die cut shape that can be used for your next paper-crafting project.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Spellbinders White Plates
  • Spellbinders Magnetic Mat
  • Spellbinders Die
  • Cardstock
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