How to Disassemble an Altec Lansing Speaker Box

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Disassemble an Altec Lansing Speaker Box
Altec Lansing makes a wide selection of computer speakers. (business computer desktop office image by scalesy from

Altec Lansing produces high-end equipment that is often THX-certified -- the recognised industry standard for sound reproduction developed by filmmaker George Lucas. These speaker systems have a centre speaker box and all the audio signals are generated through it. If you are curious as to what the interior of the equipment looks like, it is possible to disassemble the Altec Lansing speaker box.

Disconnect all other speakers connected to the speaker box, then remove it from the power source.

Flip the speaker box over. Here there are several Phillips screws. Remove the screws and place the equipment in a safe location.

Turn the speaker box right side up and slide off the case of the speaker. This exposes the interior of the speaker.

Remove the Phillips screws on the interior of the speaker box, surrounding the lone speaker. Once removed, you are able to slide out the speaker, completing the disassemble process.

Things you need

  • Phillips screwdriver

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