How to check a phone for bugs

Updated February 21, 2017

A bug is a tool used for listening in on conversations on a mobile phone or land line. If you believe that you have a bug on your phone lin,e there are a few ways that you can find it and remove it. This includes manually checking your phone line, using a detection device, and reformatting the software on your phone.

Run your hand along the phone line that comes from your wall and is connected to your phone line. Then go to the outside line that comes into your home or apartment. Look for an electronic box about the size of a box of matches. If you find anything that looks similar to this, remove it.

Purchase a land line bug detector. This device will let you know if someone is listening in on your phone line. You can purchase one online at a spy store for about £97 to £146, as of January 2011.

Remove the line that plugs in to your phone and connect it to the bug detection device. Run a line from your bug detector to your phone and turn the machine on. Pick up the receiver of your phone. The light on the detector should glow green. If it does, this means that your line is clean. If it glows red, then there is a bug someplace on your phone or on your line. Begin by disassembling the handset of your phone. You are looking for a quarter-sized electrical transistor. If you find one, remove it.

Pay attention to how fast your cell phone battery drains. If it drains unusually fast, there may be a software bug on it. It will drain faster when a bug is installed because it is sending data to a remote server.

Check to see if your phone is still hot in between phone calls or when the phone is turned off.

This may be because it is sending data from your phone when you aren't using it. Although it is normal for it to stay warm directly after a call, if it is still warm to the touch even 30 minutes later, then you may have a bug.

Watch if your phone flashes for no reason at all when you make a call. This can happen because it is sending information to the person monitoring you.

Get your operating system reinstalled by a professional at a mobile phone shop. This will remove any bug. This should only be done by a professional because you can ruin your phone if you do not know what you are doing.

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