How to Hack a Mobile Without Bluetooth

Updated April 17, 2017

You can find ways to hack into your old mobile phone's Internet service. With the Internet, you can check your e-mail, read the news and navigate the Web from anywhere. If you had Internet access on your previous phone, you can make the process possible. You will find out that hacking your mobile phone is a relatively simple process. You do not need Bluetooth to access your old phone's mobile Web browser.

Open a Web browser on your computer. Visit Download the free trial program.

Change your IP address to a dynamic address. Click "Configuration" and change the current port to your previous phone's port. Contact your mobile carrier if you do not know the port number.

Turn on your mobile phone. Press "0" to access the service menu. At the prompt, enter "000000" as the default service code.

Choose "WAP Settings" from the service menu. Select "Proxy Address Settings" to change your primary and secondary proxy address settings. Delete the current settings listed.

Enter the IP address you received from Press "OK" twice when prompted. Press the "Clear" button.

Change your mobile home page. Your mobile Web browser will take you to this website every time you open it. Enter and press "Set" to confirm it.

Wait for the prompt that you reset your phone for mobile Web. It will then restart itself.


Never use these steps as a means to hack into other people's phones.


You will get charged cell minutes for navigating the Web.

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