How to Wear Hunter Wellies

The Hunter Wellington boot, colloquially referred to as the Wellie, is a British rubber work boot. These boots were originally designed as a work only item, but in the 2000s they became en vogue and were frequently worn for fashion purposes as well. These rubber boots are virtually waterproof and are suited for wearing in high water or mud to keep you from running around in soggy socks. The rugged shaft of these boots also acts as a shin guard of sorts from the rigours of activities such as light gardening and hiking.

Put on a pair of socks before putting Hunter Wellies on your feet. These boots are made of solid rubber, which keeps water out, but also keeps moisture in. Socks absorb sweat, and without them you risk the discomfort of having slippery feet within these shoes while they are on and the possibility of an unpleasant odour once they are removed.

Ensure that you have enough room in the shaft of the Wellies to tuck your pant leg into them. You will want to do this in inclement weather conditions to ensure that your pant legs stay dry within the confines of the solid rubber boots. If you are unable to comfortably tuck your pant leg into the Wellies' shaft, then try a different Wellington model.

Wear a pair of Hunter Wellies that matches your attire. You do not have to match to a tee, but you also don't want them to clash to the point that they make you look poorly dressed. As these boots are made for function, you have a good amount of leeway in style expression when deciding what to wear with them. Earth tones such as khaki, stone, beige and taupe tend to match brown Wellies, while black and grey tend to be a good match for the black Wellies. If wearing Wellies with a pattern wear solid-coloured trousers and shirts or clothing with very subdued patterns as two strong patterns can easily clash.

Air out the Wellies when you are done wearing them for the day. Since these boots are made out of solid rubber they not only keep water out, but they also retain moisture inside. When you are done wearing them, remove your socks from them and let them air out in a well-ventilated area to ensure that odours and mould do not accumulate inside the Wellies.

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