How to Make a Fake Wound on the Head

Updated April 13, 2017

You do not need to be a make-up artist or have expensive supplies to make a fake wound on the head. Special make-up effects are often used for Halloween parties or haunted houses, plays, and film or television production. When you look at a wound, you may notice that part of the area looks slightly raised and has a different skin tone than the surrounding skin. It is important to determine the cause of the wound before you begin making the fake head wound.

Determine if the fake wound is a recent injury or an old injury and the severity of the injury.

Review photos of real wounds to determine what approach you want to take and what colours you might want to use.

Pull your hair back if you have long hair.

Clean the area of skin which you want to apply the fake wound to and dry the area well.

Take the rubbing alcohol and dab some on the cotton ball, running it over the area to remove skin oil and let your skin dry.

Draw the wound on the head using a white make up pencil or white cream and a small make-up brush or paint brush.

Take a deep red blush or brown eye shadow. Do not use anything that has glitter or shimmering; use something that is matted.

Use a brush or a cotton swab and take the red blush or brown eye shadow to deepen the colour of the fake wound.

Blend the blush or eye shadow into your skin, moving outward from the scar.

Mix the boiling water with the uncolored gelatin mix by using a craft stick. The gelatin mixture will get thick, so let the mixture cool and become warm before putting it on your skin. As the gelatin cools, it becomes clumpy and may become difficult to work with.

Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to your eyebrows so that your hair won't come off when you remove the gelatin mix.

Take a craft stick and take the gelatin mix, then apply it in multiple layers so there is an upper and lower layer. If you want to create a gash, create a slight gap to create a gash. Create more gaping by pushing the craft stick back and forth.

Allow the mixture to set for a few minutes.

Take the applicator sponge and make-up base, then pat blush into it so that you can blend outward into your skin. If you have small holes that need filling, use a cotton swab and do it gently.

Make the scar match your skin tone. Use the loose power and apply it to the area by going over it gently with the large blush brush.

Use the small eye shadow brush and take the red blush to redden the inside of the gash, then deepen the colour with the brown eye shadow.


If you want to add blood to the wound, take a tablespoon of corn syrup and mix it with red food colouring and dab it over the scar.

Things You'll Need

  • White make-up pencil
  • White cream
  • Small make-up brush or paint brush
  • Red blush or brown eye shadow
  • Brush or cotton swab
  • Or
  • Uncolored gelatin mix combines with boiled water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton ball
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Craft sticks
  • Liquid or cream make-up and loose make-up like a power
  • Matt red blush
  • Soft make up brush, eye shadow brush, sponge and cotton swabs
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