How to make royal icing dinosaurs

Updated April 07, 2017

Royal icing is commonly used for cake decorations because it dries to a smooth, hard finish. You can use it for piping, icing and creating 3D or flat shapes. Often when creating an elaborate cake project, you will want to create the royal icing shapes a day before putting together the cake to give them adequate time to dry. When making a dinosaur with royal icing, you will need to use the flood work technique to create your dinosaur shapes.

Buy or make up three batches of royal icing. Buy it pre-tinted or tint three separate batches in green, brown and black.

Place your reference image of a dinosaur under a sheet of greaseproof paper. The paper should be thin enough to show the image underneath it.

Prepare a piping bag with green royal icing and a small tip, such as a #00 or #1. Prepare a second decorating bag with green icing and a larger tip, such as a #3 or #4.

Outline the dinosaur shape with piping. Be sure to get any small details and completely close the shape so that there are no breaks in the outline.

Fill in the outline with the green royal icing in the decorating bag with a larger tip. The royal icing should fill or "flood" the outline easily, if it is the right consistency.

Let the initial icing layer dry for 24 hours on the paper. Prepare two more piping bags, with the brown and black royal icing.

Pipe in details such as spots, eyes and teeth using the brown and black royal icing. Let the royal icing dry for another 24 hours. Then gently peel it away from the paper using a metal spatula.

Things You'll Need

  • Royal icing in green, brown, and black
  • Reference images of dinosaurs
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Piping bags and tips
  • Decorating bags
  • Metal spatula
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