How to Make an Origami Titanic Boat

The Japanese art of folding paper is known as origami. Origami can be simple or complex. The most basic designs can be fun for children. For example, you can teach children to make a basic origami boat and let them use their imaginations to imagine that it is the Titanic. The activity not only teaches them basic origami folding techniques, but it also gives them a toy that they made themselves. The kids can float the basic origami "Titanic" boat in the bathtub or kiddie pool. You can call it the Titanic because it does not float for long!

Fold a sheet of regular printer paper in half, bringing the short side to the short side. Crease well.

Fold it in half again, short-side to short-side. Crease well and unfold.

Place the paper with the folded edge on top and the open edge on the bottom. There will be a vertical crease in the middle. Fold the upper-right corner to the middle crease and press. This forms a triangular flap on the right side. Fold the upper-left corner to the middle crease. Press to create another triangular flap on the left side. The flaps should be mirror images of each other and there should be a long strip of paper running horizontally under them.

Fold the top layer of the long strip up over the flaps. Turn the model over and fold the other layer of the long strip up along the same line. Now the model looks like a pointed hat. The folded long strips form the hat's brim.

Open the hat and bring the opposite corners together. Press the model flat to make a diamond shape. The long strips of the hat's brim will meet at the bottom of the diamond. Tuck the end of one strip under the end of the other. Turn the model over and tuck the end of one strip under the end of the other. Press the model flat.

Pick up the top layer of the bottom point of the diamond and fold it up to meet the top point. Crease well. Turn the model over and repeat this step for the other layer of the bottom point of the diamond. Now you have a triangle shape.

Open the triangle shape like a hat. Bring the opposite ends of the hat together and press the shape into a smaller diamond this time. There will be a layer on each side of the diamond that come together in the middle to form a vertical line.

Grasp one layer in each hand at the top point of the diamond. Pull each layer in opposite directions to open the model lengthwise into a boat shape. Pull the other two lower corners away from the middle of the boat to open it up widthways.

Write the ship's name, "Titanic," on one side of the boat with a marker or crayon. Now you are ready to pretend the boat is the real Titanic and float it in the nearest body of water.


Stop after Step 4 and open the model to just have an origami hat. Reinforce the bottom with cellophane tape to make the boat last longer in the water.


Do not leave children unattended near tubs or pools of water.

Things You'll Need

  • Sheet of printer paper
  • Crayon or marker
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