How to Repair a Roof Leak in a Class C Motor Home

Updated April 17, 2017

When you notice water stains on the ceiling of your Class C motor home it usually indicates the roof of the RV has developed a leak. Leaks develop over time from frequent exposure to sun, wind and even tree limbs. Common sources of leaks are broken vents, bolts along the edges or even the rubber membrane covering the roof. RV dealers and online RV supplies companies can provide the proper repair materials you need to fix this leak quickly and easily before the small leak becomes a major repair.

Determine the spot or spots where the water has started to leak. Inspect the rubber membrane for holes or tears in the material. Spray water on the roof and look for air bubbles along seams and seals if necessary.

Clean the area to be patched thoroughly to remove any dust build-up. Patch the bad seam, hole or tear in the membrane with the rubber roof sealing kit. Place the special roof sealing tape over the leak and seal according to manufacturer's instructions. Allow the tape to cure if necessary before exposing the roof to the elements.

Replace broken roof vents. Scrape the sealant away from the base of the vent and remove the old vent. Place the new vent in the roof, screw into place if necessary and seal completely with the self-levelling RV roof sealant. Let this sealant cure before exposing the roof of the RV to the elements.

Scrape away sealant from leaking bolts along the edges of the roof and apply a new coating of the self-levelling sealer to cover and seal the area. Cover the bolt heads completely and allow the sealant to flow into any cracks or holes to form a tight, waterproof seal. Allow the sealant to cure.

Spray water on the roof and inspect for new leaks from both the exterior of the roof and on the interior on the ceiling. Seal any leaks as they occur quickly to prevent the need for costly repairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Soap and water
  • Rubber roof membrane repair kit
  • New vents
  • Self-levelling silicone RV sealer
  • Metal scraper
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