How to Make a Gundam Out of LEGOs

Updated February 21, 2017

"Gundam" is long-running anime series consisting of many different TV shows and movies. One constant through the series is the use of Gundams, which are high-performance robots that can inflict lots of damage. These can be rebuilt using LEGO bricks because there are so many LEGO bricks that you can build accurate representations of anything. A Gundam like the V2 Gundam can be so well created with LEGO bricks that every piece can be recreated.

Locate pictures of the Gundam that you want to make. Look online for pictures. There are also many Gundam artbooks available that will provide highly detailed images. If you are building a V2 Gundam, you need to find artbooks and images online of that Gundam. Make sure you get complete body shots of the sides, front and back.

Sort the LEGO blocks into different colours. Gundams are vibrant and contain many colours. When it comes time to building the Gundam, you will need to know where all of the coloured LEGOs you need are. For instance, if you are building a V2 Gundam, you will need a lot of white and blue pieces. You will also need a few long yellow bricks for the wing accents and long, thin red pieces for the base of the feet.

Build the Gundam's torso. For the V2 Gundam, build the torso first using white standard blocks for the internal section and blue pieces for the exterior. Build the wings with using thin blue blocks.

Create the Gundam's head. For the V2 Gundam, you will need to use tiny white pieces. Use small yellow pieces to build the head's wings.

Assemble the Gundam's legs. On the V2 Gundam, start with the feet, using a white brick for the interior and red for the exterior. Build all white legs with blue accents coming off the knees. Connect the legs to the torso using grey joints.

Erect the Gundam's arms and hands. For the V2 Gundam, use white bricks, except for the shoulder where you need to use blue pieces for the front section. Place a small grey LEGO hand on each arm. Connect the arms using grey joints.

Build a weapon. Some Gundams have swords while others have guns. The V2 Gundam uses an all-black gun, so construct the gun out of black LEGOs.

Things You'll Need

  • LEGO bricks (White, blue, yellow, black and red)
  • Four grey joints
  • Two grey LEGO hands
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