My dishwasher control panel is not working

Updated February 21, 2017

If you find the dishwasher control panel is not working, there are a couple of potential reasons why this is occurring: either your dishwasher is having problems connecting to a power source or the dishwasher's control panel has a child lock that has been activated. The good news is that there is a good chance you can fix either of these problems with minimal effort.

Push on the dishwasher's plug at the wall outlet to make sure the dishwasher is firmly plugged into the outlet.

Insert another device's plug into the wall outlet you are using for the dishwasher. If the other device works, you know the outlet is working. If the other device doesn't work, you know the power problem is related to the wall outlet or to the dishwasher itself.

Open your home's breaker box and flip the kitchen's breaker switch from "Off" to "On" if the breaker is turned off. Without the switch being in the "On" position, the wall outlet will not get any power. To be sure, you can flip the switch off, then back on again.

Locate the "Energy Saver Dry" pad on the dishwasher's front panel.

Hold the pad for four seconds. The light next to "Energy Saver Dry" turns off.

Release the pad. The control panel should now work.

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