How to Play Imported Games on an Xbox 360

Updated July 20, 2017

There are many different versions of the Xbox 360. For example there are different types of Xbox consoles sold in Japan, Europe and America. Some games will work on all the different types of Xbox consoles, while other games with give you the error "Region Locked". There are several different ways to play these games.

Double-check if the video game is compatible in your region before you buy it. Xbox game designers have complete control over where the game can be played. Go to the video game website and check if it is compatible with your region.

Buy an Xbox compatible with the imported game's region if you already own the game or want to play the game even though it is not compatible with your region. For example, if you want to play a Japanese game that is not compatible with your American Xbox, buy a Japanese Xbox system.

Mod your Xbox. There are several different types of mods, meaning modifications, you can buy, and it will require moderate technical skills to pull apart your Xbox and to solder on the Mod Chip. While this will enable your Xbox play imported games, or even games that you create, it also violates your Xbox warranty and Xbox Live agreement.


Buy a Mod that can be turned on or off. Each Mod will come with instructions on how to install it.


If you connect to Xbox Live with an installed Mod Chip they will think you are cheating and ban you! If you are going to connect to Xbox Live you must turn off your Mod Chip or risk being banned.

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