How to Make a Farmer Wedding Cake Topper

Updated July 20, 2017

Although it is easier to purchase a pre-made wedding cake topper, making a wedding cake topper that fits the style of the bride and groom can be more personal and special. If the bride and groom are into farming, a farmer-themed bride and groom topper would make a good fit. Use fondant or gum paste to mould a farmer-themed wedding cake topper for that extra-special personal touch.

Sculpt a bride and groom out of the fondant or gum paste by rolling a ball for the head and logs for the body, arms, legs, hands and feet. Use flesh-coloured fondant to give the appearance of skin and clothing-coloured fondant to give the farmers overalls or other farm-style dress. Pay attention to details, such as the overalls, by adding overall straps using small pieces of fondant shaped to go over your characters' shoulders.

Squeeze a small amount of royal icing to act as the glue to attach the larger pieces to each other. Roll small balls for the eyes, a nose and a mouth out of fondant, and attach them to the faces by wetting them slightly.

Sculpt accessories, such as a pitchfork, straw hat or veil, for the farm characters, or create livestock figures. Use different coloured fondant and the paring knife to create detail, such as straw for the hat, by cutting into the fondant or gum paste very slightly. Attach pieces that belong on the farmers directly to the characters by squeezing a small amount of royal icing onto the pieces as the glue while the fondant or gum paste is still wet.

Sculpt a tractor with big wheels out of fondant or gum paste for your farmers to ride on. Use royal icing as glue and a small wooden dowel to attach each of the characters to the tractor; press the dowel through the tractor and into the cake, leaving a small piece of the dowel sticking out of the tractor. Press your still-wet fondant character onto the dowel, using caution not to squish the character.

Let the pieces dry for two to three days before placing them on the cake.


Take a class at your local craft store to learn techniques for working with fondant. Fondant and gum paste can be stored in an airtight container for several weeks, so you can make the pieces before the wedding day. The dimensions of the characters should be proportionate to the size of your cake. For example, characters on a smaller cake could have a 7/8-inch head, a 1-inch body and 1/2-inch-long arms and legs.


Fondant or gum paste pieces will be fragile; handle them with extreme care.

Things You'll Need

  • Fondant or gum paste in desired colours
  • Royal icing
  • Small wooden dowel
  • Small paring knife
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