My Brand New Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine Won't Work

Updated November 21, 2016

The Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine is primarily sold in Europe and includes several options, including separate detergent dispensers, prewash, fast wash and specific wash cycles for various fabrics, and variable temperature and spin speed dials. While the Hotpoint Aquarius should operate well with typical care and maintenance, as with many home appliances, users may occasionally experience issues. If the washing machine is not working as expected, some troubleshooting methods may be helpful in finding a solution.

Verify that the Hotpoint washing machine is connected to a working power supply. Unplug the washing machine and plug a different appliance into the outlet to test. If the other appliance does not work either, switch the washing machine to a different outlet.

Open and close the washing machine door, as the machine will not operate if the door is open. Press "On/Off" to turn the washing machine on. Wait two seconds for the indicator lights to illuminate on the washing machine.

Press "Stop/Cancel" if the Hotpoint washing machine is not spinning. Redistribute the items inside the washing machine and ensure that the load is neither too large nor too small. Ensure that "No Spin" was not chosen, as this cycle does not spin clothes. Select a new wash and spin cycle and press "Start."

Look inside the washing machine for loose items, such as coins, if a rattling noise is heard during use. Adjust the feet on the washing machine if necessary to ensure that the feet are all touching the floor evenly.

Examine the drain hose and clean and straighten it if the machine is not draining properly. Ensure that "Rinse Hold" has not been selected on the machine, as this will hold the water in the machine if the option is chosen. If the light next to "Rinse Hold" is illuminated, press the button again to start the drain process.

Tighten the fill hoses and examine the drain hose for possible obstructions if the washer is leaking. Ensure that the washer is sitting evenly on the floor.

Contact a service technician if necessary.

Things You'll Need

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