How to hand make outdoor furniture

Cement breeze blocks are a wonderful material for building furniture outdoors, because they were designed to withstand the elements. A block couch and planter wall are easy to build and add a touch of the unexpected to your patio. Breeze blocks are heavy, and care should be taken to make sure your porch or patio can handle the weight.

Build a base for your sofa. Set four blocks end to end. Add a second row of blocks behind, starting with a half block, then adding three blocks and ending with a half block so the joints are staggered. The third row will mimic the first and the fourth will mimic the second. Add a second layer of blocks in the same manner, only starting with a row that uses half-blocks so that all joints are staggered for stability.

Build the back of the sofa by laying a row of four blocks on top of the last row of the base. Use liquid nails to adhere these blocks to the base, and to each other. Add a second row of blocks on top of the first, also using landscape block adhesive to adhere them in place. Your structure should now resemble an armless sofa.

Build the sofa arms by using landscape block adhesive to adhere a half block, butted against the sofa back, followed by a full block to each side of the sofa base. Top your sofa with outdoor cushions.

Build the first row of your planter. For stability, the planter should be built against an existing wall. Lay a row of blocks, end to end, the length that you desire your planting wall to be. Use landscape block adhesive to attach the blocks to each other. To make a planting area, insert a half-block in the wall instead of a full one. Place a full block in front of the half block so that the hole in the block is exposed for planting.

Add a second row of blocks on top of the third. Stagger the joints by leaving the first hole in the bottom row on each end open for planting and inserting more planting blocks in the second row. The planting blocks should not be on top of each other. Adhere these blocks to each other and to the first row. The second row should be slightly shorter than the first.

Continue to build your wall with a third, fourth, fifth and sixth row, each shorter than the next. As many joints as possible should be staggered. Leave some end holes open for planting and insert planting blocks as described in Step 1. You may also leave empty spaces by using half-blocks and topping them with full blocks. Arrange each row to your liking before using landscape block adhesive to adhere them in place.

Fill the open holes in the blocks with soil and plant as desired. Plants that will grow down over the blocks are especially attractive in this type of planter.

Things You'll Need

  • For sofa:
  • 39 full breeze blocks
  • 10 half breeze blocks
  • Landscape block adhesive
  • For planter wall:
  • Full and half breeze blocks
  • Landscape block adhesive
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