How to choose an exterior paint color for a red brick house

Updated April 17, 2017

Some of the most beautiful homes are composed of red brick. Many feature areas in which brick are not present, but siding or other similar material. Choosing a colour to paint those areas is often challenging for many homeowners. Finding paint that matches the brick exactly is nearly impossible to do; therefore, choose a colour that complements the brick.

Ask yourself what kind of style you are aiming to achieve when painting your house. For instance, if you are going for a retro theme, choose a pale pink, salmon or pastel blue or green. The pale colours contrasting against the deep red brick hearkens back to homes that were popular in the 1950s and '60s. If you desire a natural, earthy approach, choose colours that are naturally found outdoors, such as tan. Light colours typically contrast well against dark red brick and avoid clashing.

Paint the trim the same colour as the rest of the home. Painting the areas all the same colour will give the illusion of height, creating a more cohesive overall appearance.

Paint your door a colour that complements the rest of the home. To get inspiration, go to the hardware store and pick up paint strips that feature the colours on your home. Then look at the accent colours that are featured on the strip. If accent colours aren't provided, take a close look at your brick. Often, you will find more colours than just red inside---you may find flecks of brown, yellow or other similar colours. Choose a colour that is found in the brick to paint your door. You could also choose something dramatic, such as a turquoise blue or a jade green to may it really pop.


Consider painting your brick if it looks old and unkempt. Adding a coat of light-coloured paint can brighten up your home's exterior and make it look newer.

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