How to Design a Superhero Costume

Updated November 21, 2016

From the gods of Greek mythology to Superman and Iron Man, superhero characters have played a big part in our society. These larger-than-life characters are known by their distinctive costumes. Designing your own superhero costume takes inspiration and creativity.

Consider your character and his super powers. If your superhero has super vision, you would want the outfit to focus on the eyes. If your character is a teen, his costume would be more trendy and youthful than an older character. If the character incorporates an element -- such as water or fire -- design the costume to complement that element.

Choose colours that convey the emotion of the character. If you wish to convey a dark and brooding character, blacks, dark purples and blues are good choices. If you are designing a sexy superhero, reds and hot pinks will work well.

Sketch out your design, keeping it as simple as possible. Remember to design shoes, masks, accessories and any other special aspects of the costume.

Design a logo or distinguishing mark and place it on the back of your superhero's helmet, as a belt buckle, or in some other conspicuous place. Every superhero needs a trademark.

Make sure the costume is practical. Yes, superheroes should be "out there" and different, but the costume should still be designed in a way that the reader could imagine an actual person wearing it. Placing small details, like breathing holes in a full-faced mask or foregoing the cape because it could get caught in things, will make your superhero more believable.

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