How to make racing pigeon nest boxes

Male racing pigeons will mate with any unguarded female. To prevent fighting, each pair of pigeons needs two nest boxes. Nest boxes are simple, rectangular structures with a front retaining edge. Trained racing pigeons use their homing instinct to return to their nest box. Although the sport of pigeon racing is ancient, pigeons still serve as swift messengers. In 2009, an African IT company pitted a racing pigeon against their data transfer services. The pigeon won, delivering a memory stick tied to its leg in the time it took for 4 per cent of the data to transfer over the Internet.

Measure and use the circular saw to cut the 2.5 by 30 cm (1 by 12 inch) boards into three 30 cm (12 inch) long pieces, three 45 cm (18 inch) long pieces and one 10 by 45 cm (4 by 18 inch) piece.

Form a box with the two 30 cm (12 inch) pieces sitting between the two 45 cm (18 inch) pieces and aligned to the edges. Attach the four 90-degree clamps to the corners.

Screw down through the 45 cm (18 inch) piece into the 30 by 30 cm (12 by 12 inch) sidewall in the middle and the back using the drill. Repeat for the other sidewall.

Remove the clamps. Insert a screw into the sidewall at the front corner of the box where the clamp was. Repeat for the other side.

Put the third 30 by 30 cm (12 by 12 inch) piece of wood in the middle of the box dividing the structure into two nesting boxes. Screw it in place.

Place the final 30 by 45 cm (12 by 18 inch) piece across the back. Screw the back in place.

Install the 10 cm (4 inch) high crash barrier at the front of the nesting boxes, and screw into place.

Sand any rough edges with the sandpaper.


You can add a landing perch for the parents, if desired.


Wear goggles when using a power saw.

Things You'll Need

  • 2.5 by 30 cm (1 by 12 inch) boards
  • Measuring stick
  • Marker
  • Circular saw
  • Drill with Phillips head bit
  • 5 cm (2 inch) screws
  • 4 90-degree clamps
  • Sandpaper
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