How to Tie Knots for Jewellery

Updated November 21, 2016

When you make your own jewellery, it can be helpful to know a variety of knot-tying skills. In jewellery making you tie strands of hemp around beads, tie embroidery floss in friendship bracelet style, or even tie a cord to attach the clasp to the back of a necklace. Different knots work best depending on your desired outcome, so it is best to learn a few different techniques when you begin to learn how to tie knots for jewellery.

Learn the basic overhand knot. This type of knot might be used to close off the end of a piece of jewellery. Take one end of cord and make a loop so that the end passes over the body of the cord. Wrap the end around to the back of the cord and pull it through the loop, then tighten.

Tie a square knot. A square knot makes a decorative accent or a basic formation in hemp jewellery or friendship bracelets. It makes a sturdy foundation for holding a bead as well. To tie a square knot, hold two cords side by side; call them A and B. Pass A over B to make a loop, then pull B up through that loop for a half square knot. To finish it, repeat this process one more time but this time pass B over A and pull A through the loop.

Make a lark's head knot to hang a large bead or pendant. This type of knot works easily well with a large bead with a centre hole or with a smaller pendant on a jump ring. Fold your cord in half and push the loop in the centre through the hole in your bead or jump ring. Pull up on the loop and bring the two ends of the cord through it, then pull to tighten.

Tie a sliding knot to make your jewellery adjustable. Tie a regular overhand knot in each end of your cord. Place them side by side with one knot pointing up and one pointing down. Place a 12-inch length of cord underneath them and tie three square knots in the new cord, wrapping it around the jewellery cords as you do so. Trim the ends and glue them down; when the glue dries you can pull on your jewellery ends to make the piece tighter.

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