How to dress up like a 50s biker

Updated February 21, 2017

The biker culture and biker fashion of the 1950s stood as a stark contrast to the conservative values and fashion of the era. Hats, suit jackets, cardigans and simple plaids were common for the average male, but not for the rebel biker.

Whether you want to dress up like a '50s biker for a costume party, a play or just to be a rebel for a day, you will find it is easy to find the necessary clothing and accessories to do so.

Put on either blue jeans or leather trousers and a black leather belt. Add a sturdy pair of boots -- black leather or vinyl is best, but brown works, too.

Wear a white T-shirt, tucked in at the waist. Roll the sleeves up a bit -- this is to show off your biceps when you aren't wearing a jacket.

Apply a temporary tattoo to your arm, unless you have real tattoos. The tattoo can be anything that looks tough, such as a skull and crossbones.

Buy or borrow a black leather jacket or a faux leather jacket. If you have trouble getting either of these for any reason, you can use a denim jacket.

Complete the look with a leather biker's cap.

Things You'll Need

  • Jeans or leather trousers
  • Black boots
  • White T-shirt
  • Black belt
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Black leather jacket
  • Leather cap
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