Homemade Paintball Gun Stand

Updated July 19, 2017

Keeping your paintball gun sturdy and secure while not in use is important for the safety of the gun and for the people around it. It also clears up your table and keeps your gun off the ground. Instead of buying an expensive one-size-fits-all stand, you can design and make your own custom-fitted stand out of affordable materials. You can add features to the stand such as barrel holders, tank holders and mask stands.

Lay out your 1-inch PVC tubing and cut two pieces to be 2 inches shorter than the length of your paintball gun with the tank and barrel connected.

Cut two more pieces of the 1-inch PVC tubing, which will form a rectangle with the two pieces you cut from Step 1. These two pieces should be the exact width of your paintball gun's tank.

Cut one of the pieces from Step 2 exactly in half, and join them back together with one of the "T" connectors, making sure the final length of the assembly is the same length as the original piece.

Construct a rectangle with the two long pieces, the one remaining short piece, and the constructed short piece from Step 3. Use the right-angled connectors to make the connections.

Angle the constructed short piece from Step 3 (now part of the rectangle) so that the "T" connector in the middle is pointing straight up.

Cut a length of 1-inch PVC pipe, which will stick straight up from the "T" connector and hold your barrel. Test fit your gun, and make sure the barrel in relatively level when measuring.

Cut the top off the second "T" connector's long end, creating a long channel in which your gun's barrel will rest.

Attach the cut "T" channel from Step 7 to the cut piece from Step 6, and then attach this assembly to the completed structure from Step 5.

Cut your foam to fit where the gun's tank meets the long edges of the rectangle, then slip it onto the PVC pipe. Also cut smaller pieces for the short edges of the rectangle so that the stand sits securely.

Make small adjustments to the foam so that it holds your gun's tank tightly.


PVC pipe can be used for practically any design. Use PVC glue for all connections.


PVC glue is toxic. Read and follow the instructions. Always make sure your paintball gun has a barrel plug or barrel bag on at all times.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch PVC Tubing (length varies)
  • 2-inch PVC Foam (length varies)
  • 4-by-1-inch PVC right-angled connectors
  • 2-by-1-inch PVC "T" connectors
  • PVC glue
  • PVC saw (or band saw, or other generic saw)
  • Measuring tape
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