Wording for spa night invitations

Written by kristen may | 13/05/2017
Wording for spa night invitations
Use wording that makes guests think of relaxing at a spa. (Spa scenery image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from Fotolia.com)

Whether your spa night takes place at an actual spa or just includes home treatments that mimic those offered by a spa, the invitation should get guests excited about pampering themselves with a night out. Occasions for this event include birthdays, hen parties and baby showers. Prepare guests for an evening of luxurious treatments with an invitation that cleverly incorporates spa wording.

Write a heading that lets guests know the reason for the party and the spa theme. One rhyme that works is, "It's Hannah's birthday, and it's time to say Hurrah, so join us and celebrate with a night at the spa!"

Include specific names of spa treatments in the wording of the invitation. For example, instead of writing "Time & Date: June 12 at 7 p.m.," replace it with "Manicures and facials begin at 7 p.m. on June 12."

Write the name of the party location and its address. If the spa night is taking place at a location other than the hostess's home, include an insert with directions.

List the items guests need to bring to the spa night. For example, write, "We'll provide the facial masks and a tasty treat; you bring a cosy robe and slippers for your feet." These are typically not required at a spa business, but if you are having a spa-themed party at home, they can be helpful.

Mention at the bottom of the invitation if guests will need to pay for their own treatments at the spa. If this is the case, write, "Price list included," and put an insert in the invitation with the spa's price list. Otherwise, guests might assume that the hostess is going to pay for all of the treatments.

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