How to reset a motion detector's floodlight

Written by willa dunn | 13/05/2017
How to reset a motion detector's floodlight
Keep your motion detector floodlight working properly. (door and motion detector image by Larry Roberg from

Motion detectors can sense a moving object by the heat radiating from the object. The motion of warm objects, such as people or animals, causes your system's floodlight to turn on. After a set amount of time with no movement, the light will turn off. This process can add to your home security when it is functioning properly. Several situations can cause your motion detector's floodlight to get out of sync. Resolve this problem in a few steps and get your system back to normal.

Read the manual that came with your motion detector to become familiar with the way it works. Most systems work in much the same way, but several have added features to be aware of when troubleshooting the proper operation of your particular system.

Turn your motion detector floodlight off by flipping the light switch to the off position. Leave the switch in this state for at least 10 seconds.

Follow your manual's directions for setting the switch. For many systems, this is performed by simply turning the switch back to the on position. The floodlight will only turn on when it detects motion. To set the switch so that the light remains on, turn it off and then back on quickly.

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