How to Write to Reinstate an AOL Account

Miss your old AOL account or want to find old mail that may still be important to you? Reinstating your AOL account is easy and free. An old account can be reinstated through existing AOL software or through downloading AOL software to your computer.

Search for the installed AOL software in your computer; it may be on the desktop as an icon or saved in the files.

Find installed software by searching the following: for PC's click on the Start button and search for the installed AOL program, for Mac's go to the Finder and search for AOL in your applications.

Click on the AOL icon on your desktop or in your applications. Sign in to the account with the old Master username. Reactivation will occur as soon as the old Master username is accepted.

Re-load the AOL software into your computer if it is not found on the desktop or in the applications.

Download the software either directly from the Internet or by inserting an AOL CD into your computer. Follow the guided step by step instructions provided until download is complete.

Sign in to AOL using your old Master username and the email account will be reactivated.

Use your Master username and password to sign in to the account.

Answer the account security question. Click on Continue.

Navigate to the "Screen Names" section and click on the option to "Manage Screen Names".

Locate "Restore a Screen Name" in this section. Click on Start.

Find the "Recently Deleted Screen Names" box. Select a Username. Click on Restore. Receive a confirmation message to your e-mail account once this is complete.


Deleted Usernames can only be restored if they are reactivated within six months from the day they were deleted. An account can only contain seven user (screen) names. If a deactivated username is not found, delete another username to make room for more. The address book within an e-mail account is saved for 90 days after the account has been deactivated. After 90 days the original address book will no longer be available.

Things You'll Need

  • AOL software
  • Master Username
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