How to get raffle donations

Updated February 21, 2017

Raffle ticket sales are an inexpensive way for your organisation to raise money. Costs might include the printing of the raffle tickets, letters and the postage necessary to contact potential donors. It's important to consider what prizes you intend to present to the lucky ticket-holders. Having prizes of value can increase your ticket sales and raise more money for your organisation. Obtaining raffle donations from businesses is essential for a successful fundraiser.

Compose a letter for the businesses you want to contact for raffle donations. The letter should state the name of the organisation, what the organisation intends to do with the money it raises, how long the organisation intends to sell raffle tickets, how much the raffle tickets cost, the date of the raffle draw and the types of donations the organisation hopes to get. Close the letter by thanking the prospective donor in advance for her time and consideration. Print several copies of the letter to carry with you.

Make a list of possible donors. Start with businesses you use regularly, such as drycleaners, garage and local restaurants. Continue to add to your list of potential businesses to contact as you think of them. Keep a notepad in your car and note names of businesses to consider as you drive past. Talk to your friends and business associates and ask them to suggest businesses that might help your organisation.

Visit the business locations and ask for the manager or person in charge of making donation decisions. Give them an individual a copy of the raffle donation request letter and briefly explain what you are doing and what you would like from them.

Accept the donation and give them a receipt for it. Their donation is tax-deductible, but the donor will need a receipt to make the deduction. Obtain a business card from the individual who provided you with the donation so you can send a thank you later after your raffle is over. If he is unable to make a decision, ask for a follow-up time you may call. Get a name and address to post the raffle donation request letter if the business's corporate office must make a decision.

Post your raffle donation letters to corporate offices and to businesses you cannot visit in person. Keep a list with phone numbers of the letters you posted. Follow up one week after you send the letters. Call the businesses you cannot visit in person to obtain the name of the individual in charge of making donation decisions. Address the raffle donation letter specifically to them.


Many companies run dedicated programmes to support local charities as part of their corporate social responsibility commitments. Check corporate websites for details.

Things You'll Need

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  • Donation receipts
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