How to Make Wine Labels Online

Updated July 19, 2017

Creating a custom label is a creative way to personalise and showcase a bottle of wine. Whether you want to design a wine label for a wedding, holiday party or corporate event, or you plan to sell your product, you can choose from a variety of companies that allow you to design wine bottle labels online. After choosing a service, you can get creative with your design by uploading personal photographs, logos or custom artwork.

Go to the My Own Labels website and highlight the "wine/drink" option, which is located in the "shop by category" list. Select the "wine labels" option. A list of pre-made templates will appear on the page. You will also notice options for wine label colours, sizes and shapes.

Experiment with different colours for your wine label by clicking on the colour buttons at the top of the page. The template styles will change depending on the colour you select.

Click on the "see sizes & shapes" link and select one of the available options, such as "square labels," "large oval text labels" or "diamond labels." The size and shape you choose will also affect the number of templates that are made available.

Select your preferred template by clicking on the thumbnail image. If you would like to create a design from scratch, click on the "Custom" option. After selecting a template, the project screen will appear.

Determine the information you would like to include on your label, such as the name and type of the wine. Enter your text in the available fields and click on the "Update Text" button to preview your design.

Select the number of labels you would like to purchase and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Go to the Stoney Creek Wine Press website. Select the type of wine label you would like to make, such as a simple label with text or a label that contains graphics. After selecting the label type, a variety of templates will appear on the screen.

Scroll through the available wine label templates and click on one of the thumbnail images to select your desired template. After selecting a template, you will be able to edit the text that is included on the label.

Enter your text in the available "Position" fields. Each time you enter text in one of the available fields, the text will be inserted in the template automatically. To add images to your design, click on the "Upload Your Image" button, which is located under the "Edit Label" section. After editing your design, enter the amount of labels you would like to purchase in the "Quantity" field.

Go to the Personal Wine website and click on the "Design Your Label" button. Select a wine label category, such as "Anniversary," "Birthday" or "Wedding." The templates will differ depending on the category you choose. Scroll through the available templates until you find your desired layout. To select a template, click on the thumbnail image.

Add personal text to your wine label design by clicking on the text in the pre-made template and editing the information. You also have the option to edit the font and font colour and add a font style, such as "Drop Shadow" or "Emboss." After editing your text, position it on your template. You can reposition the text by clicking and dragging the text box to your desired location.

Add a graphic, such as a logo, family portrait or artistic design, by clicking on the "Image" button. After the image is imported to your template, you can use the "Resize" buttons to increase or decrease the proportions of your image.

Click on the "Save/Continue to the Next Step" button when you're finished customising your wine label design.

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