How to Decorate a Camper

Updated April 17, 2017

A camper becomes a home away from home for you and your family. By your selecting the right theme, the camper will reflect your lifestyle and attitudes towards travel. Because campers tend to be small, the decorations should not impede your functional needs, such as storage, sleeping and cooking. Because campers are built so the furniture, cabinetry and utilities remain in place, the best way to personalise the space is to focus on colours and fabrics.

Select a theme. You could focus on a retro look, woodsy style or travel theme. Involve everyone in the family when choosing the decorations.

Set your budget. Decorating costs can rise quickly. Sticking to a budget will help you streamline your decisions by eliminating any options that are too costly.

Select light colours and avoid clutter. Most of the decorating choices will be in wall colours and fabric choices. Lighter colours will help the small space feel larger. Although photos and decorative objects can personalise the space, keep their number to a minimum. A small space will seem smaller with too much clutter.

Secure everything firmly in place. Use glue or Velcro for smaller, decorative items. Use fabric tacks or staples when covering furniture with new fabrics. Because of movement from road travel and rough use by your family, the decorations make them sturdy and secure.

Use the entire space. Don't forget the floor and ceiling of the camper. Make them unique spaces. The inside of cabinets and the backside of doors are eye-catching places to add some personalised touches.

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