How to Know if a Versace Is Real

Updated February 21, 2017

The Versace brand is on everything from fragrances and neckties to watches and clothing. Versace is also a well-known manufacturer in the handbag industry. Handbags can be high-priced items for many women who are fashion conscious and desire to own a piece of handbag luxury. Unfortunately many unscrupulous manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers sell fake Versace wallets, sunglasses and handbags on the black market. Often buyers don't know that they are purchasing a counterfeit. Several techniques can be used to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Versace rather than a fake brand.

Compare the hardware of the original Versace handbag with the hardware of the possible counterfeit bag in question. You will notice the smooth zipping action of the original Versace, in comparison to the louder, more tedious zip of the knock-off. The same applies to Versace sunglasses. The quality of hardware in the joints of a pair of sunglasses is a good indication of their worth. Versace only uses high-quality hardware. Even if you do not have an original Versace handbag to compare with your's, you be able to tell whether the hardware is high-quality by the ease-of-use and presentation of the hardware.

Analyse the handbag in question. If the handbag is a fake, you will notice a difference in the quality of the leather. Versace handbags are made with 100 per cent leather. However, some knock-offs are made with a cheaper grade. By rubbing the bag with your fingers, you will be able to tell whether it's real leather. Fake leather makes a sound when rubbed; real leather does not make any sound whatsoever.

Look for plastic covering the handles of a handbag. This is often a dead giveaway that the handbag is a fake. Versace does not place plastic protection over its handbag handles. Sample leather tags hanging from a handbag is another indication of a fake. Versace is made with genuine leather, and they will not hang a leather sample tag on any piece of their original handbags. Knock-offs and counterfeits often have a piece of leather hanging from them to prove to buyers that it is real leather. Versace certainly does not need to prove its quality to potential buyers.

Become familiar with the signature Versace tag. This is essential for determining Versace fakes. All Versace items including sunglasses and wallets have the customised black-cardboard tag that reads Versace in gold embossed lettering. Many fakes, particularly handbag counterfeits, have grey tags with white letters or white tags with black letters.

Check for any signs that the item in question was not produced in Italy. All original Versace items are designed and manufactured in Italy, while many counterfeits are produced in China and Indonesia. Look for uneven, poor quality stitching, This could be another indication that you purchased a fake Versace.


Visit a department store and familiarise yourself with genuine Versace merchandise. This will help you to better determine any fakes that you may encounter.

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