How to Consume 1200 Calories a Day

Updated March 23, 2017

A 1200 calorie daily meal plan is an effective diet that will make you lose weight. Twelve hundred calories is not a lot and is almost certainly more than your current calorie intake. Since the calorie count is so small, it's difficult to stay on track each day while abiding by the 1200 calorie rule. It's also difficult to ensure that you consume enough nutrients. With enough discipline, you can achieve the 1200 calorie diet.

Count the calories in the food you eat. You cannot expect to consume 1200 calories per day if you don't know how many calories you're consuming. Look at nutrition labels to make sure you have not surpassed your daily goal of 1200 calories. You will need to measure certain foods to stay within 1200 calories consistently.

Eat a light breakfast, such as cereal, toast, hard boiled eggs or a tomato sandwich. Drink either a cup of skimmed milk, juice or water. Always pour skimmed milk with your cereal, not two per cent.

Eat a light lunch every day or a slightly heavier lunch every other day. For example, for a light lunch, you could eat a salad with low fat dressing, while a slightly heavier lunch could include a tuna sandwich on wheat bread with a ½ cup of vegetables and a piece of fruit. Make sure you don't add any condiments to the sandwich, because condiments, such as mayonnaise, are typically full of calories.

Cook a filling meal for dinner every day, or cook a slightly heavy meal on the days you eat a slightly heavy lunch. Try to balance your meal with meat, vegetables and fruit. For example, a filling meal could include a five ounce steak, a cup of mixed fruit, a small salad topped with low fat dressing, and ½ cup of multiple vegetables, such as tomatoes and carrots. A slightly heavy meal could include two ounces of chicken, combined with a ½ cup of vegetables and a ½ cup of fruit.


If you must use condiments, make sure they are low-fat.

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