How to Unlock a Nokia 2630

Updated February 21, 2017

Nokia is a maker of mobilemobile phones carried on many of the world's largest provider networks. The Nokia 2630 is a basic cell phone that is offered on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the United States. Unlocking a Nokia 2630 is an easy task once you have the correct codes. Unlocking a cell phone allows the cell phone to access another service provider's SIM card. Unlocking the Nokia 2630 will allow you to utilise any service provider you want without needing to buy a whole new cell phone.

Turn off the phone. Remove the battery from the back of the phone. Under the battery there will be a 15 digit code listed as the IMEI. Write this number down as it will be required to obtain the unlocking code.

Obtain an unlock code. Call your current service provider and ask for the code for your phone. If your account is in good standing, the service provider may give you the unlock code. You can also obtain one from a website that provides unlock codes; they will probably charge a small fee. Enter in your phone model, current service provider, IMEI code and personal information to pay for the code.

Wait until you have received your unlock code to remove the SIM card from the phone. Remove the battery to the cell phone. The SIM card is located at the top of the battery cavity underneath the camera.

Replace the battery into the phone without a SIM card inserted. Turn the phone back on. A code must be entered to unlock the phone prior to placing the new card into the phone. Enter "#pw+the code that was provided from previous steps+1#" without quotation marks into the phone to unlock it. To enter the letters, press the * (star) button three times to enter "p"; press the * button again four times to enter "w"; finally, press the * button twice to enter "+" into the phone.

If the coding was successful the phone will display the message "SIM Restriction Off." Enter the coding carefully. If wrong keys are entered the phone will become hard locked and unusable.

Remove the battery to the phone and place the new SIM card into the phone. Replace the battery and the phone will be ready to work with the new provider.


All providers may not work with this model of phone. Check with the new provider prior to unlocking your phone. The unlock code may differ outside of the United States. Please see the Resources section of this article for help unlocking this phone model in Canada.


Unlocking your phone may void the phone's warranty with the current provider.

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